Futures – Getting an Early Start on Sports Betting


Placing bets on future matches are getting bigger and bigger with wagering lovers, and online sportsbooks are responding by offering more future wagers even earlier.

Take, for example, the most common sports betting game there is: The pro football.

Football season is among the briefest of all professional sports, football game betting lovers frequently find themselves in demand of a wagering fix sometime ‘tween the Super Bowl and the beginning of a new season in the fall.

Pro football betting lovers get particularly desperate for a pro pro football bet in the spring and summer, when the season is almost here to talk about but not close enough to bet on.

Numerous online sportsbooks put up Super Bowl odds all year, as well as division and conference stats.

Other best-selling football future is an over/under bet on a team’s record for the season. 먹튀검증

And numerous sportsbooks still have pro football Week 1 Betting Odds available now, allowing, e.g., football bettors to put bets on the 2009 pro football regular-season opener ‘tween the Super Bowl winner Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans on September 10.

But besides satisfying an urge, do pro football future wagers are good for bettors. Is there an reward betting futures instead of game-day odds?

For the most part, the answer is yes.

In almost all cases, bettors can improve their odds, even on the best teams, months before the season starts. e.g., imagine the benefits made by people who bet on the St. Louis Rams to take Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000?

Future wagers also give bettors a chance to be insiders all season long – or even all year if a bet is done early.

But one problem of futures bets is that your cash is tied down for half a year or longer, during which you could (maybe) be working that same money into profit time and time again. And at the same time, the sportsbook can make money from your money by accumulating interest on it.


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