Three Unique Ways to Get High PR Back Links


If you’re an Internet marketer with a website, you’ve likely heard the constant voices out there that say to get high PR back links to help boost your site’s presence in the search engines. But, with so many back link opportunities and so few that offer tangible results, how exactly do you go about finding the good ones. It’s like a needle in a giant, interactive, constantly moving hay stack. I don’t know about you guys, but it gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Which is why I’ve tossed together three of my favourite sources for high Page Rank back links. These aren’t just any links. They’re high quality links that will provide the biggest impact for your site.

1. SEO Quake – There’s a pretty awesome tool out there called SEO Quake. It installs into Firefox as a plugin (if you’re not using Firefox, get it now). The tool will instantly provide search engine data for every website you visit, as well as search results in Google. On its own, this is merely annoying, with lots of extra data littering your screen. But, if you learn how to use that data, you can find high Page Rank sites that provide “follow” links to yours where you can aim for back links.

For example, you could search for specific posts on a blog that carry higher page rank than others. Surprised? Don’t forget that every page on a website carries it’s own Page Rank. While the home page is likely to carry the highest PR, you are unlikely to get a link from one of those pages. So, aim for the best possible post page to boost your ranking. 구글광고대행

2. Guest Posting and Commenting – This isn’t a new one. I’ve already gone over guest posting and commenting on other blogs extensively as a method for building your reputation and getting traffic. But, it’s also a fantastic way to get a back link from a site that has a high Page Rank of its own.

3. Directory Listings – Directories, for whatever reason, still provide some of the best Page Rank on the Internet. Every site you create should immediately be submitted to DMOZ for free and, if you can afford it, to other major directories like Yahoo!

These are just three simple ways to generate back links from high quality sites that will provide the best impact in Google. There are dozens more and you probably have some ideas of your own (use them!). The thing about search engine optimization is that it’s an ever evolving science. You might think of something that no one else has ever attempted. It’s not unheard of. But, continue back linking. Never stop looking for ways to increase your exposure.

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