What Is A Salvage Grocery Store?


It’s no secret that the food industry contributes to our nation’s obesity problem. Their aggregate advertising and messaging make it virtually impossible to avoid temptation – and that temptation is as common in the grocery store as it is at the fast food counter.

I’ve recently discovered a solution for grocery shopping that will save you time and money. Not only that, it will empower you to make better grocery purchase decisions and that will lead to weight loss. My Web Grocer is an online grocery store that allows you to stick to your diet by skipping the grocery store – by shopping for groceries online.

Temptation at the grocery store can lead you to make choices that lead you astray from your diet plan. You may also spend more money than you’d intended due to impulse purchases.

Did you know you can order groceries online from many local groceries stores nationwide?

Many grocery stores allow you to select the items you’d like from their website, add them to your “virtual cart,” and pay with a credit card. A “personal shopper” at the store then hand-selects the groceries, based on your order, paying special attention to the qualities of your perishables — especially produce.

From there, you can either opt to pick up your order “curb side” at the store, or, in many locations, select home delivery. iPhone Apps even exist that allow you to make groceries lists on-the-go.

With so many healthy recipes available online, you can plan an entire week of healthy menus and select the required ingredients from your home computer.

Why pay a diet service for food and menus when you can easily order the food and plan the meals on your own. russian store

This alternative to wandering the grocery store aisles will save you time, help you stick to your budget and eat healthier.

MyWebGrocer (they actually place it as one word even when it is not in an internet address) provides leading-edge eCommerce and eMarketing solutions to the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries. Their digital grocery solutions are focused on website design, specialty modules for websites, hosting, sophisticated email strategies, consulting services and the like.

The company was founded in 1999 by Rich Tarrant and he continues to be their CEO. They tout over 2.4 million unique users monthly. Rich was an early believer in the viability of the online grocery business and developed the company’s first generation eCommerce Platform. He has an impressive record as an entrepreneur in the retail, real estate and health care industries. He also is a graduate of the University of Vermont.

So take your grocery list online and avoid the store this week – you may love the experience and your waistline should like it too.

Kevin Graham serves as the Managing Director at Empower Me Photo. Empower Me Photo provides tools to help those seeking to stay on their diet or exercise program over the long run – by showing how you are going to look AFTER you lose the weight. You will be amazed at how you are going to look – and your empowering photo can be in your hand as quickly as tomorrow. And you will be inspired, motivated, and yes, EMPOWERED, to stay on your program over the long run. You are welcome to download our free 7 Secrets to Visualize Your Future using the world’s best weight loss tool

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